NIMEK PLAZA Onitsha popular called Emeka Offor Plaza due to the fact that it is owned by Oil Mogul/Politician Sir Emeka Offor is easily the most popular place in Largest Market in West Africa Main Market Onitsha,This is the tech/communication headquarters of Anambra State,this plaza houses 272 shops,it can be easily located through the popular New Market Road Onitsha,This plaza has grown so much in activities that it has gone as far as swallowing adjourning plazas that most visitors to this vicinity do not know the name of the plazas,occupants of these plazas have also taken advantage of this name swallowing because it helps their business as well.

This tech hub hardly houses any other type of business as more than 90% of the business done there is tech related and it is almost impossible for an individual to visit here with a tech/communication related issue and not find solution to it.

This plaza has really over shot its capacity as many people who do not own shops in the plaza can be seen loitering around in search of customers, this is popularly refered to in igbo as “igba oso afia”,they get customers to patronize a particular shop in return of percentage of profit from the actual owner of the shop,this has disadvantages as it creates room for swindling of customers and people who are novice to this environment.

As funny as it may sound this plaza receives close to 10,000 customers on a daily basis and this has a huge economic impact as individuals who own business make as much as #100,000 to 5,000,000 on a daily basis depending on ones business capacity and side hustlers (ndi oso afia) make as much as #5000 to #50000 on daily basis depending on how many deals they get involved and it’s financial weight.

A visit to main market Onitsha without touching EMEKA OFFOR PLAZA is some how incomplete as you will miss having a feeling of the businesses and traffic this plaza accommodates

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