Knowing the Markets in Nnewi

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We all know or have heard that Nnewi is a commercial and industrial city, but how well do you know the markets in Nnewi? How well can you explain the level of commerce and industry in Nnewi? Here is bringing you a detailed thread about the markets in Nnewi.

We casually refer to all the markets in Nnewi as ‘Nkwọ Nnewi’. However, this does not mean that Nnewi has only one market. Nnewi have several big markets clustered around each other. They all have their unique names even as one can casually refer to any of them as “Nkwọ Nnewi”.

List of Markets in Nnewi:
1. New motorcycle spare parts
2. New motor spare parts
3.Nwagbara market
4. Nkwọ Nnewi general market(Ime afia)
5.Electrical/Electronics market
6.Building Materials
7.Timber dealers Market(Ọgbọ osisi)
8. Generator parts market.

1. New Motorcycle spare parts.
This is one of the top international markets in Nnewi, Anambra and Nigeria. In this market, you can buy any type of motorcycle parts both in wholesale and in retail.People all over Nigeria and neighboring African countries patronize the market daily, The market is arguable the Third largest automobile market in the world, Hundreds of container of goods leave the market to their different destinations in Nigeria and beyond everyday

2. New motor spare parts, Nnewi.
This is also a top international market in Nigeria where you can get every of your new motor spare parts both in wholesale and in retail. The market used to rank 1st in the sales of motor parts but now ranks 2nd behind Aspamda, Lagos, This changed when FG started frustrating traders in South East from using Portharcourt Seaport in the 90’s that made many Nnewi traders leave for Lagos then. Many of them still have their branch offices in Nnewi and many have returned to Nnewi too, New motor spare parts market is very organised and their union and security system is topnotch. Many sections of the market are constantly being renovated as it’s a very old market.

3.Nwagbara Market.
This market is just after the new motorcycle parts market. This is the market where different types, shapes and forms of complete motorcycles are sold both fairly used and brand new. Fairly used motorcycle spare parts are sold here, This market is full of skilled artisans doing different forms of fabrications. Tricycles are sold here too

4.Nkwọ Nnewi general market(Ime Afia).
This is the biggest market in Nnewi by landmass. It’s the general market for all sort of commodities ranging from household items, provisions, beverages, clothes, drugs, foodstuff, hairs, cosmetics etc.

5.Electrical /Electronics market, Nnewi.
This is the market where you get all your electrical appliances, electronics and all the related items, The market is currently by Old Onitsha road, Nnewi but a permanent site have been built for them which they have refused to relocate to as they have given their own conditions for relocating to the permanent site, The Nnewi GSM is an extension of this Market.

6.Building materials Market.
This is where you get all the building materials you need. It’s spans across Muodile street, Nnewi just at the entrance of Ime Afia.

7.Nnewi Timber dealer market(Ọgbọ osisi).
This is the market where you get your woods and planks in different sizes, shapes and quantities, This Market Suffered a great deal when it was engulfed by an inferno but life has returned to the Market almost fully, the traders had to resort to self help when government help didn’t come through after the inferno.


8. Generator Parts Market

This market is located just behind the New Motorcycle Spare Parts Market, This Market houses Importers, Wholesalers and Retailers of Generator Spare Parts of different capacity.

The Commercial Value of this city Called Nnewi can not be overemphasized.

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How much will it cost me yearly to rent a shop in Nnewi building material market?

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We will get back to you on that


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