Reactions have be trailing the ban by Anambra State Government on collection of taxes on the road by tax force members following the accident and eventual death of the driver of a lorry on Sunday which happened as a result of the above mentioned action.

Residents of Onitsha the commercial hub of the state where this mishap that led to this ban occured have been complaining bitterly as these task force members whom the residents refer to as “touts” or “agbero”. According to an Onitsha based twitter handle @ConnectOnitsha who tweeted about the continued extortion of Onitsha residents by the tax force members and this was followed by reaction of Onitsha residents who talked about there experiences after the ban by the state government,this was followed by uploading of evidences by the individual;

We hope that the state government takes drastic measures as this is making business life unbearable for both sellers, buyers and the entire citizenry in Onitsha.

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