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Anambra Diaries today in onitsha came across a young lady who does a craft that is perceived to be a male occupation,we got curious and decided to engage her in a discussion about her chosen craft and it with like this;

WE: Can we get to know you?

HER: I’m Onyele Adaobi Chimnoya, graduate of Education English and literary studies. I am from owerre-ezukala in orumba south local government of Anambra state

WE: What do you do for a living?

HER: I am a professional painter, who makes her paint and also into sales and fixing of wallpaper, Panels and other interior materials

WE: Judging with the fact that you are a university graduate why did you choose this over a white collar job?

HER: After School and white collar Jobs were not coming forth, I had to go into something I have passion for and will in turn out money in my pocket.

WE: What influenced your choice of Business know that this is a male dominated business?

HER: I have always had a thing for colors as a kid had lots of water colour painting, have a friend who is a painter, kept following him to site until I decided to try one-day, did an astonishing work for a first timer, I knew I was never leaving the brush

WE:What have been your challenges since you started this business?

HER: Most people feel this job isn’t for a woman and sexual harassment some that has the chances of raising its ugly head,I can’t go to a client’s house alone because of several experiences I have had.

WE: What advice are you giving to females who want to join this business but have been indecisive about it?

HER: Truly,it is not going to be easy but it is worth. Be steadfast, resilient and consistent. Don’t give in, into pressure and be good at the craft.

It was really a good chat we had with her and it was really nice seeing a female breaking even in a male dominated business and she needs to be encouraged,you can get through to her with the details below;

Below are pictures of jobs she has done

She is definitely worth giving a try, because they say what a man can do a woman will do better.

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