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A Side Hustle is a business/job engaged in by an individual in order to make extra money aside their main source of livelihood.
On one of our recent visits to Nnewi popularly referred to as the japan of Africa, Our crew met a young lady who is a medical representative of a popular pharmaceutical company in Nigeria who draw our attention with her pattern of doing business,she was not marketing the drugs of the company she works for alone,she was equally marketing what we later found out were her products equally and we went further by asking her a couple of questions and the discussion went this way;
WE: Can we get to know you?
HER: My name is Lilian
WE: What do you do for a living ?
HER:I am a Medical/Sales Representative
WE :we noticed you don’t market just drugs alone,what else are you marketing?
HER: They are my products and the business name is ROYAL GLAM VENTURES

WE:what is the business all about

HER: Royal glam is all about the grooming and sustainance of the wellness of the everyday woman and man in respect to a glowing body as well as maintaining a great natural body through the use of natural and organic products.

WE: What is the motivation behind developing a side hustle?

HER: It is mostly said that men shouldn’t have one means of income but it goes to both genders, no one should have one source of income and judging from the way the country is at the moment economically, one source of income can not be enough to keep things going well for anyone.I have a great job which I have come to love overtime but living in a country where anything is possible and to simply secure the future, it’s important to develop a side hustle and groom it over time to be the business you would come to have, own and cherish.

WE: What made you to choose this line of business?

You see my customers satisfaction is fundamental first and what other way to portray this than to refer to its extraordinary clients as ROYALTIES hence the “Royal” while the glam is simply to make them look stunning and glamorous hence the “Glam” so in other words – Royal glam is a brand that caters for the Royalties with the end game of creating a sustainable stunning and glamorous skin and body in general.

WE: Any plans of growing this business into your main hustle?

HER: Definitely, that’s majorly the sole aim. To be able to grow it and increase the services to be rendered overtime to the point where a Royalties can come in and order almost all they want for effective, stunning and glamorous lifestyle .

WE:Any advice to people who want to tow the same line of developing a side hustle like you ?

HER: Well, first off, being an entrepreneur is definitely not an easy one. You have to put in the time, effort, money, dedication and of course ask for divine grace because it would be tough as first but start from small and work your way all the way up. This is a business that is barely 3 months and I am trying so hard not to relent. So work hard and we would see each other at the top!

You can reach her on WhatsApp 08176602611 or Instagram @royalglamskincare or royalglam_herbs or call 07033830361 for inquiries or purchase

These are pictures of what she sales

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