It has become a thing of concern that the state that use to pride itself as the state with the best internal road network has become a shadow of the former state of its roads.
There use to be more one route of good tarred road to up to half of the number of communities in Anambra State.The present condition of the roads is not something to write home about,tarred Roads have been reduced to almost earth road filled with pot holes and blocked drainage system and no proper passage of water when it rains.
The present state of Roads in the state is beginning to have serious effect on Road users from drivers to commuters,Price of Public Transport is starting to increase and this is as a result of Drivers trying to have enough money to put their vehicles in order as a result of damages inflicted on it by the poor state of the roads.
The big question here is whom is to be blamed,The present administration of the state has come out to say that it will cost the state one hundred and fifty billion to put the roads in the state in good shape and currently does not have the financial power to do that,on the other hand its blaming the past administration for construction of poor quality roads that cannot stand the test of time.Residents are blaming the current administration for this situation siting negligence and poor maintenance culture by the government of the day.
The People of Anambra are beginning to seek for answers from the government regarding this present situation and the government should deem in urgent to respond to this positively.OBY OKOLI AVENUE AWKA



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