Tussle In Royal Family Turns Bloody

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The Royal Family of Amansea was thrown in turmoil as the son of the late Igwe Kenneth Okonkwo was bathed in his own blood after he nearly escaped death from an attack by suspected cultists in his residence in AHOCOL Estate Awka.

Our sources Gathered that this attacked is a product of loggerhead in the family over the sharing of the late Igwe’s Properties and who ascends the vacant royal stool of Amansea Town.

According to Prince Ugochukwu this attack was sponsored by his late father’s brother who was three time member of state house of assembly Hon. Boniface Okonkwo who used his son who is a returnee from Malaysia Chisom Okonkwo and his gang members to attack him, He said he got a phone call that there were people in his home vandalizing the properties and he quickly informed his mother the queen Lolo Stella Okonkwo,when they got to their home they met Hon Boniface and His son Chisom, when he tried to ask what was going he was met by a barrage of oral attack from chisom who were accompanied by young men numbering up to 20 all dressed in black shouting that he will be dealt with, also telling him that he is a top ranking member of the Ayes confraternity in Anambra, when he queried further he was attacked with matchet and axe leaving with deep cuts on his back and head, as his mother tried rushing him out of the scene to the hospital her car was attacked too smashing the windscreen.

The Queen Mother while speaking also said her late Husband’s brother accused her of being responsible for her husband’s death saying that she used witchcraft to kill him, she said that he only wants to be Igwe of Amansea and she did nothing to him.

Responding to the accusation Hon Boniface Okonkwo denied the allegations stating that he was in good terms with his brother prior to his death and wouldn’t do anything to hurt his family that rather it was his son who was attacked where he went to inspect the renovation going on in his house.

While reacting to this incident the Police Public Relations Officer in Anambra DSP Tochukwu Ikenga said the police is already carrying out investigation on the matter and it boils down to sharing of family properties. The matter was reported to B divisional Police station in Station in Awka but has been moved to the state CID for further investigation.

Further Discovery showed us that the late Igwe Married two wives and the family is divided into two camps with the son Prince Ugochukwu and his Mother on one side and The second wife is with Hon Boniface on the other camp tussling who ascends the throne and who gets the lion share of the late Igwe’s Properties.

Speaking on behalf of the Prince Bar Katchy Bielu has asked the state governor and the commissioner of police not to allow the matter swept under the carpet as the prince and his mother has suffered untold hardship in the hands of Hon Boniface ever since the demise of Igwe Kenneth Okonkwo.






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