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I am forced to do some Economic research this afternoon. More like a comparative analysis of what was before Soludo, during Soludo and after Soludo served as, first, Chief Economic Adviser to President Obasanjo, then as the Defacto Minister of Budget and National Planning, until his ascent as the Country’s Apex Bank Governor.


Even as a fairly numerate fellow, I can, at least understand the upward tide of a graph sheet, the accompanying physical experiences of prosperity and the increasing numbers of Soludo’s time in the cockpit team of Nigeria’s Economy.


To view the evolution of Nigeria’s GDP per capita, it is interesting to look back a few years and compare these data with those of 1999 when the GDP per capita in Nigeria was $482.


Note, in viewing the tables below, the figures therein show that the periods between 2003 – 2009 can be classified as the “golden era” of Nigeria’s Economy. Again, let’s note further that the Man at the vanguard of this prosperity — Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo — steadily grew from merely advising to planning and then to implementing the great ideas that ushered in the prosperity of the era.


The reason for this exegesis is to help some of our Millennials who may be wrongly guided by mischievous Adults who have decided to play politics with the truth. This was why the Vulture made a simple request from Death. That it should remember to keep one old human being alive who would constantly remind the younger ones that the Vulture is not a bird to be eaten.


Even if we tell a thousand lies against Soludo, history and the figures would constantly vindicate him.


Below is the source of the Graph and Tables. You can also check this information out on the World Bank Website.




Mazi Ejimofor

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