Rising Insecurity and Crime in Onitsha Metropolis

by Admin

Over the last couple of months the crime rate at the commercial city of Onitsha has been on a serious increase as there have been serious number of report of armed robbery and hoodlums blocking individuals and robbing them of their valuable in major Areas of the metropolis.

This crimes have continued to the extent that it now occurs in broad day light as report came in some a social media handle who centres it activities in covering in Onitsha Metropolis with handle @ConnectOnitsha on twitter reported a crime which he physically witnessed around Owerri Road in Onitsha and he twitted

According to him he said that that the hideout he followed them to is a then of criminals and the criminals narrowly escaped a naval patrol vehicle whom could have apprehended the criminals. He went as far as making a video of the location of the hideout.

According to the handle the Nigerian Police are no longer capable of handling the crimes as people were suggesting he should report the matter to them, he also quickly stated that it was only the military that can handle this matter very well.

The submission begs for serious concern and a big question as well, has the insecurity level in Onitsha gotten to the level of involving the military and what is the state government doing about it?


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