Streets of Major Cities in Anambra Deserted as People sit at Home for Biafra Remembrance

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Residents of Anambra have taken to staying at home and shutting down economic activities through out the whole state in remembrance to the people who lost their lives during the civil war between 1967 and 1970.

The streets of Major Cities in the state were deserted and void of human activities, this cities include Awka the State Capital, Onitsha and Nnewi the Economic Hub of the State and Ekwulobia which is also a major city.

Ekwulobia Park, Ekwulobia.

Magazine Junction Axis, 3-3 Onitsha.

Aroma Junction Axis of Awka.

Unizik Junction Area Awka.

Nnobi Road Nnewi.

Main Market Onitsha

Unizik Junction Awka.

Y -Junction Okpuno Area.

Majority of Business Owners have taken to staying at home for the safety of their Properties and their lives as well and to avoid their lives being lost as well due to violence that might erupt as the whole Atmosphere is charged up, so in order to avoid being caught up in a bad situation they rather stay at home, they are hopeful by tomorrow things will return to normalcy.



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