Blocking of the Niger Bridge by Nigerian Military

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The officers of the Nigerian Army blocked the Onitsha End of the 2nd Niger bridge, refusing entry into Anambra or Going out of the state through the bridge.

This is in retaliation for the officers killed by Unknown Gunmen at the Military Check Point that is situated opposite Abbott Secondary School Ihiala on Friday Night, This act brought unnecessary suffering to a huge traveling Population who use the Niger Bridge.

Eye witnesses sent in video and pictures of this condemnable act by the Nigerian Military,

The blockage started in the early morning hours of Saturday 29th May and lasted up until 10 am before the bridge was opened and was shut again at about 8 pm in the evening hours.

Questions people are asking, is the military now inflicting hardship on the same people whom they swore to protect, the Niger Bridge is a major gateway in the south east and not just Anambra State, This Act can not bring the slain soldiers back to life as the people condemn this act of killing of Security Personnels by the Unknown Gunmen.

The People have charged the Military Authorities should swing into action and give out punishment to the military personnels behind this to avoid a repetition and force the hand of the people to protest heavily against the Nigerian Military

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