Incessant Road Accidents Caused by Touts Who Masquerade as Revenue Collectors on the Rise in Anambra

by Admin

The number of Road Accidents in Onitsha Metropolis caused by Touts who masquerade as revenue collectors for the state government is on the rise.

Just yesterday these individuals pursued a Toyota Sienna for a particular revenue until it plunged into a passenger 18 seater bus which was loading by the road side leading to the death of the driver

This is the 2nd of such mishap in the space of 2 weeks and the state government has not put this menace in check as it has become reoccurring and becoming a bane of economic development, the last of such mishap prior to yesterday almost brought economic activities in Onitsha Metropolis to a halt due to the protest stated by the truck drivers who blocked entry and exit in the city

For how long will this continue before there will be a clamp down on these Touts who want to overrun the Onitsha Metropolis and make it highly unfriendly for business.

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