Unknown Gunmen Cause Panic in Nnewi

by Admin

Residents of Nnewi were this evening put in fear from a panic created by unknown gunmen in the town.

This panic came as a result of sporadic shooting into the air at about 5:45 pm or thereabout at the popular Roundabout in Nnewi, They will all dressed in black and were in two Toyota Sienna Vehicle, This caused motorists and people around to scamper for safety as shootings like this is something that is a common thing the town.

This shooting looked more like a scare for people to clear the road for their easy passage as they sped of and drove towards Nnobi Road.

Events like this will make one believe that this unknown gunmen actually live with us and are no longer afraid of what security agents can do to them, truly we are really in trying times.

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