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Anambra State has a lot of internal roads that people can make use of during the festivities as this period comes with heavy traffic gridlock and this comes with a lot of frustration as people on transit get uncomfortable with almost staying at a spot,time wasted,fuel burnt and some vehicles run the risk of overheating.

There are places that should be avoided at all cost or ply only during the early part of the day as once it gets to mid-day and later part of the afternoon traffic surges due to increased movement,there are popular junction that should be dreaded and they are as follows;

*The Niger Bridge: ply only during the early morning hours and very late in the night

*Afor Nnobi Junction: if you are going to Nnewi or Nkpor axis, kindly follow the in-road in Nnobi,use either the junction by Hon Charles Odedo’s compound or the spur by Madonna Catholic church Nnobi,if you are going to Awka Etiti or Igbukwu Axis Use the Obeledu road by Adazi Nnukwu or the other spurs on Adazi Ani road.

Zik’s/ Borromeo Roundabout Onitsha:Avoid this place at all cost from mid-day until the late hours of the night.

Abatete Junction: Avoid during the evening hours at all cost

Eke Awka RoundAbout: Avoid this Area of Awka during festivities especially between 23rd and 26th December.

Ekwulobia Junction: avoid after mid-day until late in the night.

Upper Iweka Onitsha: Traffic usually heats up after mid-day,it is usually at its peak between 23rd and 26th December due to the inflow of people from outside Anambra during this period.

Worthy mentions are

*Amawbia Bypass

*Ezi Okpalaigwe/Ezi Alais

*Ugwu nwasike Ogidi

*Afor Igwe

*Oye Agu Abagana

*Nkwo Enugwu-ukwu

*Afor Nkpor and Nkpor Junction

*Nwagu Agulu Junction

The government should draft more road traffic personnel to help ease out traffic at this flash points and the people on their own should monitor their movement to avoid being caught up in these places.

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