The people of Nanka in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State today 3rd of January 2021 marked the “NKWO AGU DAY”,this event ushers in the new year and it is a yearly ritual in Nanka town as Indigenes return from far and wide to witness this yearly event,it has also become a thing of attraction for surrounding towns that share boundary with Nanka.

This event is made colourful by the display done by masquerades from the 7 villages that make up Nanka.

The major highlight of this year’s celebration was the appearance by the popular and very strong AGABA masquerade of Ubahu village Nanka which is a very rare thing,this particular masquerade commands respect and fear from its fellow masquerades as they all leave the stage and almost go into hiding whenever AGABA appears in and event, Another top masquerade that appeared is the AJOFIA Nanka,these appearances made this year’s celebration a very memorable one for whomever was present.

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