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A tanker explosion occured in Ogbunike Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State involving a welder who is middled aged.

This happened while the young man in question was trying to weld the upper part of the tanker which did not have any fuel inside it,the tanker exploded unexpectedly and threw the young man metres away from the tanker leaving him unconscious,he was immediately rushed to iyi-enu hospital ogidi where he was confirmed dead.

According to the police spokesperson Haruna Mohammed,the corpse has been deposited in the hospital mortuary.

He further said that the police got a distress call that an explosion had occured near the toll gate at Ogbunike on the Enugu onitsha expressway involving a tanker,this incident occurred in a mechanic workshop when a welder with name “Richard” was doing his job on top of an empty fuel tanker with Reg number XA-740-CAL and all a sudden the tanker exploded and threw the young man 200 metres from the scene of explosion leaving him unconscious, The police attached to the Ogbunike division, pictures were taken from the scene as well as the pictures of the corpses was taken in the hospital before it was deposited in the mortuary as investigation into the matter continues.


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