Monthly sanitation exercise is usually observed every last Saturday of the month in Anambra,This monthly exercise took place in Anambra today and our team moved round to observe if the residents of the state participated in this exercise and we visit Nnewi which is a commercial Town in the state.

Our team observed that a lot of people disobeyed this rule and decided to go about there normal daily activities but they meet some level of restraint because the state government has an Agency saddled with the responsibility of enforcing the monthly sanitation which is the OPERATION CLEAN AND HEALTHY ANAMBRA STATE which is called “OCHA BRIGADE”,they also had some level of support from the Nigerian Police.

While observing we interviewed some of the people apprehended for disobeying this rule,One Mr Obiorah whom we found out is a Tricycle rider (keke driver) hinged his reason for disobedience on the fact that he needs to make enough money to take care of his family that by the time the sanitation exercise will be over the day must be far spent and he might not meet up making enough money to remit to the owner of the Tricycle and still have enough to take home at the end of the day.

Anambrarians are advised to observe this exercise as it is to their interest because a dirty environment gives room for spread of disease and at the long run give room for expenses that can be avoided.

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