Poor Waste Management in Awka; A call for serious Concern

by Admin

Driving through the streets of Awka the State Capital one cannot help but wonder if the State has a waste Management Agency not to talk of if it works, if this happens in the state capital which is just an Administrative Town then what more the commercial Areas of the state which is much more heavily populated.

The State has a waste Management Agency which is Anambra State Waste Management Agency (ASWAMA) is body has in many ways failed in it’s primary responsibility of keeping the streets of various towns in the state waste free.

A drive through some places in Awka showed the receptacles for waste filled and overflowing, two major places stood out because it seems it has been entirely neglected by this body .

The popular tipper garage okpuno that is an assembling point of trucks is one of the neglected places, wastes have started encroaching into the road as a result of over flow from the receptacle sited by the road side,this has stayed for so long with no hope in site as regards taking care of this menace

The ever busy ifite road,ifite Awka which leads to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka is nothing but and eyesore as it house multiple spots of overflowing Waste receptacles which now forms an obstruction to free traffic flow especially at the University axis of this road.

This begs to ask if there is still a working waste Management system in Anambra and if the Government of the state still sees the need to manage waste in the state.

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