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Confusion is breeding in the ruling party of Anambra State the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) as to who is the National Chairman of the party and who INEC will recognize the candidate he will present for the Governorship Election come November 6th.

Two different convention that took place in Owerri and Awka respectively which returned Chief Victor Oye for a second tenure in the Awka convention and Elected Mr Edozie Njoku in the Owerri Convention.

The confusion here is that party faithful do not know where to pitch tent because the lingering court cases which is yet to decide who is the authentic national Chairman.

According to sources Mr Edozie Njoku is not happy with some of the party stalwarts who regarded as personal friends that also have interest in the number one seat of the state whom placed personal interest over the peace and togetherness of the party, The stalwarts rather than using the influence they have to foster peace who will move the party forward they rather keep mute and pitched tent with Chief Victor Oye.

One of the pending cases that are in court that will soon be decided is an order of mandamus that will compel the Independent National Electoral Commission to recognize Edozie Njoku as the National Chairman of the Party.

We watch as the drama preceding the Governorship Election Unfolds.

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