Incessant Cult Clashes the Bane of Development in Awka

by Admin

Over the last four years Awka the capital city of Anambra has experienced a number of cult clashes which has left many young people in the town dead and leaving their family and friends in grief.

This reoccurring clashes has left the individuals leaving in the town and those wishing to come into the town in fear for their lives because of things that might happen to them accidentally as a result of these clashes.

This is a huge barrier to development because people who will want to invest in the town will be having second thoughts as to what might happen to both their investment and their lives as a result of the insecurity.

The major reason why this clashes have continued is that the people bank rolling the dastardly act have not been fished out and prosecuted by law enforcement agencies because crimes of this level require some level of finance to keep reoccurring.

The Government of Anambra State should work and find a permanent solution to this problem as it rose its ugly head yesterday again resulting in the death of 4 young men at three different location in Awka; Unizik Junction, Ifite Awka and Eke Awka Roundabout respectively.

For how long will our young men keep dying all in the name of cultism before the Government will bring down the full weight of the law to end this menace.

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