We don’t Charge Obituary Posters 100,000, rather 5,000 – ANSAA MD Ujubuoñu. 

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We don’t Charge Obituary Posters 100,00, rather 5,000 ~ Ujubuoñu.


Yesterday the Managing Director/CEO of Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency (ANSAA) was at Wazobia FM to discuss the latest controversy raised by the media concerning the regulation of funeral advertisement in the state.

In the program ‘Torchlight’ hosted by Akwaugo Wazobia FM, Mr. Odili took time to explain in details the regulations and the fees.

According to him, there was never a time the Agency demanded for 100k for burial posters. He said the stipulated fees are very clear but some of the press men for the reasons known to them chose to fly with the 100k which is accrued to a 10ft x 10ft billboard.

According to him Posters are charged 5,000 Naira for 2 weeks while 4 x 6 Ft is 5,000 Naira for 2 weeks, 8 x 10 Ft is 20,000 Naira for 2 weeks while anything as large as 10 Ft square and above is billed 100,000.

This will help to reduce the rate at which people deface the environment in the name of burial.

He also made it clear that it’s the obligation of the deceased who pasted the posters to remove them after the burial or attract extra charges after the 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, directional signs for ease of access for visitors during the burial remains free of charge.



19 October 2022

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