Huge Infrastructural Decay Of Nnewi; Is This A Deliberate Neglect By Anambra State Government?

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This Is Ibeto Junction, Nnewi,A very narrow road and junction,in a very busy area in the commercial city of Nnewi,Always traffic ridden

The road is so narrow for the volume of vehicular and human traffic it experiences on a daily basis, The road is also terribly bad,just like many other roads in Nnewi, Normally Anambra roads don’t have sidewalks,so bikes,Keke,cars and pedestrians have to fight their ways through the road.

It’s no news that Nnewi is a city that has been abandoned by the state government for decades.That explains why a city that’s very economically important to Anambra State is left to keep dwelling in infrastructural decay.

The Governor of Anambra State Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo has been commissioning roads for dualization and construction across the state,and Nnewi has not been mentioned so far.

Is he planning to abandon Nnewi,like the previous governors of the state did???

Nnewi is a city Ndị Anambra and Ndị Igbo count on a lot due to the industrial,commercial and medical hubs situated in the city where government generate revenue, people have jobs and contributes hugely to the state’s GDP.

The current steady flow of Akụ Ruo Uno into Nnewi in the entertainment,hospitality,medical and media sectors even keep hopes alive that more is coming for Ndị Anambra and Ndị Igbo.

The question now is,why do government of Anambra State keep abandoning Nnewi despites all the contributions to the economy of the state?
Why do we preach about having an economically improved Alaigbo but don’t support places making the best effort to upgrade the economy of the region?

For the records,proper infrastructure support and improve productivity and denying productivity hubs the best of it is like shooting ourselves in the leg.

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