Trigger Happy Police Officer Shoots Road User in Igbariam

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A trigger happy police officer today at Igbariam shot a road user who was crossing the Enugu Onitsha Expressway.

According to an eye witness who made an amateur video of the scene after a protest against the incident had started, he said the police officer shot the young man who was crossing the expressway from a moving police van which was escorting a bullion van said to be one of a bank with the bullet hitting his stomach, the police officers were said to had sped of without stopping to see what had happened

Angry youths in the area started a protest blocking the road and burning of tyres which caused road users to look for alternative routes to continue there journey.

As at the time of filing in this report, The victim is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, we hope he recovers fully to narrate his ordeal, this incident has further attracted huge military presence around Igbariam in order to calm the already erupting situation in the town.

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