The Nnewi Timber Market Inferno; The Recovery

by Admin

Two months After the inferno which happened at the Nnewi Timber Market, Life seems to be returning to the Market gradually, this was seen through an eye witnesses by the Popular Nnewi Twitter Handle which goes by @NnewiCity on twitter who visited the market to know how traders in the market who where affected by the inferno are getting on after the disaster which was allegedly caused by the men of the Nigerian Police.

According to the eye witness who interviewed a number of traders off camera, the state government has not done anything as to compensate the traders who suffered huge losses and cannot start afresh, No proper investigation has been carried out even after accusing fingers where pointed at the men of the Nigerian Police as the culprits who started this incident that led to the burning of almost the entire timber market.

The Traders have resorted to self help in rebuilding what they lost,from restocking of goods to rebuilding of stalls to repair and purchase of engines, this is really sad that a matter as grave as this are just swept under the carpet and life goes on like nothing happened, our government needs to get more proactive and listen to the needs and yearnings of the people.

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Ekekwe Ugochukwu April 20, 2021 - 10:22 am

That’s Nigeria for you… The government is just for the rich and the fulani people.. Others can burn in hell..


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