The Pathetic State of Awka The Capital of Anambra State

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The environmental state of the capital of Anambra State has in all spheres failed what a befitting state capital should look like as it lacks the basic amenities that a modern state capital should have.

Driving through the streets of Awka a lot of roads have actually been converted to dump site for refuse and with pungent smell oozing out of the sites, a drive through ifite road Ifite Awka, Tipper Garage Okpuno and some other major areas of the capital will show you how bad waste management is in Awka at the moment.

The Roads in the state capital are not left out of this pathetic state as you would not drive 20 seconds with jumping into a pot hole as there are very few roads in the capital that is pot hole free and has a proper drainage system, aside the Enugu Onitsha Expressway which is a federal road, Ziks Avenue and The popular Immigration Road there is no other dualized road in the state capital, aside this majority of the roads in the state capital are narrow which can barely contain two vehicle and guarantee easy passage of traffic, this narrow size of roads are both the fault of the citizens who do not obey set back rules during building erection and the government whom did not do proper planning of the capital and not enforcing the law on people who fail to obey the set back rules, the size and state of these roads are the major reason behind the heavy traffic gridlock usually experienced in the evening hours of the day with points of major concern being ifite road by meloch avenue ( 1st Market Ifite Awka) , Eke Awka Roundabout by Ziks Avenue, Good will Junction Okpuno, Old INEC Road by Geogold Road, Oby Okoli Avenue by Club Road.

A twenty minutes rain in Awka has the major streets on Awka become a flood zone and a “no go area ” for pedestrians.

Provision of Pipe borne water by the government has become nothing but just dreams as it was in 2003 that pipe borne water last ran in the state capital, every individual has to provide his own source of water supply, individuals who live in rented apartments now place the presence of running water in their apartments as one of the most sort after conditions while paying for apartments, apartments that cannot provide this has their value degraded.

The current security state of the capital is nothing to write home about as residents are made to leave in fear due to the incessant cult clashes which has resulted to killings, certain residential areas now have to provide their own private security in order to sleep with their two eyes closed.

The True State of Awka is not close to what a state capital should be as it needs urgent attention, if urgent steps are not taken the capital will become inhabitable for most of the residents, this is a capital lacking the the presence of Government.

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