The Birth of Core Youth Involvement in Governance in Anambra

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Today marked the birth of a core youth pressure group in Anambra which is geared towards the awakening of the youth in demanding accountability from the people in power in Anambra and Involvement in selecting a credible individual who will pilot the affairs of Anambra with huge youth inclusiveness enshrined in it.

This group which goes by the name ” ANAMBRA YOUTH MOVEMENT FOR BETTER GOVERNANCE” which is convened by Barr. George Akpamgbo stated clearly in it maiden press conference which as doubled as the official opening of this pressure group that the youth are tired of being told that they are the future of the state while the present is rotten away, what will be left of this state if proper accountability the way the Government is being run are the moment is not transparent and proper scrutiny of the people who will take over the Government is not well done, he also stated that this group does not have any form of affiliation with any political party and they are willing to go all out to make sure this new gospel gets to the 21 local government areas of the state and the 177 communities as well.

While buttressing on the words of the convener one of the Key Members of the movement Mr Uche Okoye clearly stated that this is not business as usual where groups just rise up during election periods only to fade out after election when they must have gotten spoils from the share from politicians, that the days of selling of votes and politicians using the youth to achieve their purpose only to dump them are over, that the youth are now ready much more than ever to be part of this system.

Ada Azubuike while speaking about the involvement of the female folk said the group is ready to go all out to sensitize the women on the importance of their involvement in the whole governance process and the need for them to demand for accountability from the people in government.



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