Soludo gives lower Tax Rates To Commercial Drivers In Anambra

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Soludo gives lower tax rates to commercial drivers in Anambra

By Izuchukwu Adichie

For the very first time in his life, Papa Emeka, a keke driver who shuttle along Aroma to Book Foundation, Awka, will enjoy a tax rate that is cheaper, affordable and harmonized. He will now pay directly into the state treasury because he wants governor Chukwuma Soludo to provide social and public services. He is happy that the new system of collection has made it impossible for ndi-agbero/touts to continue extorting and multi-taxing, chasing and intimidating him on a daily basis.

Arinze, a mini-bus driver who shuttle along Afor-Igwe Umudioka to Afor Nkpor is thankful to Governor Soludo for keeping to his campaign promise of building a digital culture around tax collection system so as to stop the very few persons that enrich themselves and had in the past, refused to remit fund accrued to government treasury, and 2; Mr Emmanuel, Okada operator in Onitsha is grateful that Governor Soludo has shown empathy, human face, and as a leader who feels the pains of the masses, hence, held series of engagements with critical stakeholders in transport Union before arriving at the closure of multiple taxation across the state and 3; Chief Jerome, a taxi rider is grateful that he wouldn’t be paying the average #5,000 daily which is on a high side into the hands of touts hired by very few persons, who will at the end remit just #150 naira to the state treasury.

Papa Emeka and others henceforth would not be chased or attacked by agberos/touts at parks, tax junctions or at other points of extortion. They will have free access to the designated parks, and could load and unload goods and services. This time around, according to the new rate, Okada operators pay N300 daily at N7, 500 monthly, N21, 000 with a discount of N1,500 for one quarter or N40, 500 with a discount of N4, 500 for half a year. Keke riders pay N600 daily at the cost of N15,000 monthly, or N42,000 with a discount of N3, 000 for one quarter or N81, 000 with a discount of N9, 000 for half a year

Shuttle/Buses’ daily pay is N1,000 at the rate of N25, 000 monthly or N70,000 with a discount of N5, 000 for one quarter or N135, 000 with a discount of N15, 000 for half a year. The daily rate for Taxi riders is N700 or N17, 500 for one month. N49,000 quarterly with a discount of N3,500 while N94, 500 with a discount of N11, 000 is for half a year.

The rate of N1, 200 daily is for Township Bus operators at the cost of N30,000 for one month, N84,000 with a discount of N6,000 for one quarter and N162, and 000 with a discount of N18,000 for half a year. Pick up Van daily fee is N1, 000 at the cost of N25,000 for one month, N70,000 with a discount of N5,000 for one quarter and N135, and 000 with a discount of N15,000 for half a year.

Another good news is that, 5 % of every daily payment would go to Papa Emeka and other transport Unions treasury.

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