Assent To The Revised Budget: Soludo Has Done It Again

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Assent to the Revised Budget: Soludo has done it again

By Izuchukwu Adichie

Many reasons abound as to why ndi-Anambra and the residents gave their mandate to Governor Chukwuma Soludo. However, one of the major reason is for him to put smiles on the faces of those who have given up on governance. Fortunately, the governor understands the weight of the mandate and expectations, defined as high, of which he knows the people cannot wait to feel, see, and touch within the shortest time.

It can be said that ndi-Anambra’s journey to a liveable, secured and prosperous homeland has officially begun on Thursday, July 20, 2022 when Mr Governor, Soludo fulfilled his constitutional duty and assented to the State’s 2022 Revised Budget of 169.6 billion naira. He will now bring hope alive by legitimately rescuing the state and providing succor to the decayed critical infrastructures.

This time, Soludo is taking off from the blocks, he has no other option than go borrowing. With the 100 billion naira loan approval from the legislators of Anambra Assembly, the state will breath infrastructures and ndi-Anambra will get value of their every kobo.

In near time, people will ask what is happening in Anambra, let us go and see by ourselves. Because I can tell that Governor Soludo is going to enhance economic development through the fixing of the basic infrastructures. By this I mean road infrastructures, clean water and greener environment. I meant quality and competitive education and health services. I refer to creating ease of doing business. I am talking about youth empowerment and Information Technology. By securing the state, ndi-Anambra and all residents and visitors can have the lever to do business in any place they might find themselves without fear.

With this epoch making event, the Revised Budget will push Anambra state to the path of greatness.

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