Result of Governorship Screening;APGA Stakeholder Blows Hot

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THE RESULT OF APGA GOVERNORSHIP SCREENING IS FLAWLESS: *The Moles In The PARTY Are Only Carrying Out Their Premeditated Agenda*

_Hon Obinna J Nwankwo_MNIIS writes from Eziagu, Orumba South LGA Anambra State._

Whereas the result of The just concluded Party Screening of ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA) which held on the 20th day of June 2021, is in the Public Domain, and whereas it is a matter of public discuss, it has become pertinent that the Public should have a clearer view of what it means for A Political Party to conduct an internal party Screening, instead of INEC ordering all Aspirants to submit their credentials to the Independent body for Screening.

It is important to note, that A political party is an organization which coordinates candidates to compete in a country’s elections, and it is made up of individuals who organize *to win elections*, *operate government*, and *influence public policy*

Therefore, it is to a Political Party, the most important stage of an Electioneering Process.

The party does not screen you just on the bases of constitutional qualification of which, INEC can do that! The party screens you both in Ideology and Character ( for a truth, this is the only reason the Party was vested with the power to screen an Aspirant). It x-rays the issue of Trust and commitment for now and in the future to make sure you have not become a mole in the mix.

Now these are the grounds upon which the party disqualified some Aspirants;

1- *Defiance and Insubordination to Party Authority and Supremacy which casts a shadow of doubt on the genuineness and credibility of his APGA Membership*. To this, I say it is enough reason to disqualify any Aspirant, whatever the status. Infact, Party was superfluous with words here as they could have just said… *Doubt in upholding the party Ideology_* and you are gone for good, because it is the party who should be sponsoring you to seize power, therefore, they cannot sponsor you to loose power.

2- *His nominators fail short of the 2/3 spread of APGA members in the 21 LGAs of Anambra State*. This should be verifiable as it is a document in black and white that the Aspirant submitted, so, no cause for crying wolves.

3- *Less than 18 months in the party as a Member.* This shouldn’t be an issue, as it is verifiable. You cannot also lie to yourself.

4- *Require NWC waiver, waiver neither applied for nor obtained*. This is also verifiable as waiver is not done orally.

Nevertheless, One of the four (4) Cardinal criteria for qualification for Election into any position in Nigeria is contained in Section 65,105 and 131 of the Constitution and it provides that “The Aspirant is a member of a political party and he is sponsored by that party. Please do underline the last part … *And he is sponsored by that party*. Ladies and gentlemen, if the party refuses to sponsor you on any reason(s) whatsoever, in their wisdom, there is nothing you can do about it.

On the criteria for the disqualification of Chukwuma Umeoji, it added;

¶ Considered as an unsuitable APGA member to participate in the Governorship Primary Election at the moment.

¶ Doubtful Financial Status of his Nominators as APGA member.

¶ Invalid Statutory declaration of age.

¶ Gross alterations and mutilation of his Nomination Form, which contains an Affidavit under Oath, contrary to section 117(2) of the Evidence Act.

Therefore, I will only refer the Umeoji’ sympathisers to the statement by INEC National Commissioner and Chairman Information and Voter Education Committee Festus Okoye. In it INEC warned political parties against nominating unqualified candidates.

*‘’To this end, parties must screen their candidates”*

_”a political party that submits to the Commission the name of a candidate who does not meet the qualification as stipulated in the law shall be guilty of an offence and may be proceeded against by the Commission,” the statement reads in part.”_

__“Any person who has reasonable ground to believe that any information given in the affidavit or any document submitted by a candidate is false may file a suit in Court against such person seeking a declaration that the information contained in the affidavit is false._

_“If the Court determines that any of the information contained in the affidavit or any document submitted by that candidate is false, the Court shall issue an order disqualifying the candidate from contesting the election__ “.

Therefore, the continuous push by some disqualified Aspirants shall end up as efforts in futility as they are dead on arrival.

And pushing even further makes it appear like a would have been Aspirant was actually working for the opposition of APGA.

Now tell me! How can the party sponsor a person that will likely be disqualified along the line?

How can APGA sponsor mutilated forms which had over a week to be filled, yet, it contained an affidavit under oat, contrary to section 117(2) of the Evidence Act.

How could party have sponsored doubtful financial status in a Government that projects a fight Against corruption.

Wouldn’t it be self defeating for the Party to allow an Invalid Statutory declaration of age?

Even if one says that the person so disqualified has contested Elections in APGA, with those materials, it would be very watery as Governorship Position is not house of Reps Election and the Seriousness attached to the two are not and can never be the same.

Hence, The All Progressive Grand Alliance-APGA Screening Committee should be applauded by all well meaning individuals in Anambra State and all true progressives of Our dear Party.

Congratulations to the Aspirants who made it.


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