Opposition Using Insiders as Tool to Destabilize APGA

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Chief Livinus Okoye-Ajana;
Concerned Citizen Director.
Based in Abuja.

Our intelligence have uncovered a plot by Anambra South Senator to become a Governor of Anambra State through a backdoor. It has equally been exposed of his frequent meetings with Mrs Adaora Umeoji, Zenith Bank PLC and Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji which entails using the political impostor, Jude Okeke to destabilize APGA ahead of the gubernatorial election.

For desparate Ubah, who is already indirectly using the Umeoji’s to disstabilize the APGA party because of his assured knowledge of defeating the Green House Lawmaker when the November Poll is set with promises to leave Umeoji with no option than to emerge as a Senator for the constituency.

Ubah who is already in ecstacy mood ahead of election should be advised to leave APGA leadership out of his desperation and focus on his legislative duties which he has until March, 2023 to leave Red Chambers and head back to Otolo-Nnewi where he would be ready to face his enormous charges including that of AMCON and NNPC.

For Ubah, he should be advised not to waste his resources for this campaign, even though the fund for campaigns shall be made available through sale of his remaining few properties in Lagos and loans from friends which he would eventually not repay, just as he did in the case of Coscharis, his brother.

We strongly believe in the integrity of judiciary as we journey to the peak of Anambra gubernatorial election scheduled to hold on November 6.

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