Prof. Soludo reacts after the release of the Commissioner for Public Utilities

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One of the Frontline Aspirants of the Anambra State Governorship Election Prof. Charles Soludo under the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance has reacted following the release of his town’s man who is the commissioner for public utilities in the state Engr. Emeka Ezenwanne who was abducted at the scene of the attack in Isuofia on Wednesday 31st of March 2021.

He was speaking during a live interview with Arise TV today, he was grateful to the almighty God and everyone who played an important role in the safe return of the commissioner,from the Presidency to the Governor down to the security Agencies, During his narration of what happened that day he said 2 out of the 3 police men killed were attached to him and the other to the abducted State Commissioner, that it took until he got home after the event before he realized that the commissioner was missing, He also sent a message of condolence to the families of the gallant police officers who lost their lives while in the line of duty on that very condemnable event, he went further to say that the government should improve on the equipment given to the security agents to work with that it is indeed a big morale booster for them.

While been queried if the event of that day will stop him from pursing his ambition,the perceived weakness of the party,party internal democracy and the upcoming party primaries, he quickly pointed out that the bad attitude of the minority cannot overrun the good will of the people,in his words “the voice of the people is the voice of God”, he went further to say that he is overwhelmed by the huge level of support he is getting across party lines from 24 support groups like Anambra Demands Soludo, Youth Earnestly Seek Soludo and many more, that this a big confidence booster for him to continue pursing the dream of leading the state to greater heights, He also made it clear that he doesn’t want to think if this attack is a politically motivated one that it is not an “Anambra Thing”, he said that boosting about capacity and getting court injunction can be seen as  a norm here but not taking the life of an opponent due to perceived level of strength, he also said he awaits keenly the result of the investigation from the security agents that he doesn’t understand as to why he was attacked in the place he feels safe the most which is his home town and in a state which prides itself as the safest state in the country and this is somehow different from other attacks on security agents lately because none has occurred in a gathering of unarmed individuals of that number.

Prof. Soludo while talking about ongoings in the party said that an option A primary is what he will prefer if asked to choose and the party is getting stronger judging from the results of the last two Elections in the state in comparison to the other political parties in the state, he went further to say that the party has more National Assembly Members in the session that the last and even in more states other than Anambra even up to the Northern part of the country.

He concluded by saying that security is a collective thing that we ought to give information when we see that something is going wrong that people who commit this hideous crimes are part of us living in the society that we should be our brother’s keeper.


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