Owerri Road Gridlock

by Admin

Commuters who ply the Owerri Road and individuals who have any cause to use the Owerri Road in Onitsha were today subjected to some level of suffering while using the above mentioned road as a result of the check point mounted by the men of the Nigerian Navy.

This check point was mounted around Amanator axis of the road, people going on foot are forced to raise up their hands in the air while passing the check point and motorists were forced to use alternative routes which might be longer or not really motorable.

It is believed that this is in retaliation to the men of the force who were slain by unknown gunmen around Awkuzu last week by suffering the masses and not really raising the security level in that area of the state, The Nigerian Navy hierarchy is advised to call their men to order as this is not really going down well with the citizenry.

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