Nkwo Umunze; The Urgent Need For Relocation To The New Site

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Nkwo Umunze is the ancient market of Umunze Town in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State is one of the biggest markets in Anambra South Senatorial zone and the biggest palm produce market in the South Eastern part of Nigeria as people from virtually all the south east states come to this market to either buy or sell as people from isuochi  in Abia State, Achi, Inyi, Akpugo-Eze in Enugu State and then Arondizuogu, Eziama, Okigwe of Imo State visit this market.

Generally Nkwo Umunze is an Agricultural hub, aside the huge palm produce background is boasts of very huge cassava produce and livestock sales, the market is a gaint in the old aguata axis which comprises of of now Aguata, Orumba North and Orumba South Local Government Areas that it’s why it is popularly called “Onitsha Nta” by the locals which means Small Onitsha

This market as it is has over grown the old site of the market as traders are now encroaching into the access road of the market with dilapidated structures that might collapse anytime, the encroachment into the road is like sitting on a keg of gunpowder as vehicles can easily run people over at a slightest miss of track.

In a recent development there is a quase – endemic of a foreign ant in the old site which poses a serious health challenge in the market, this ant upon stinging a human causes very serious bodily rashes within the space of 5 mins or if it stings a livestock animal it dies within 24 hours, this health challenge is more than enough reason for government to shutdown the old market and relocate to the new site to avoid the spread of this situation.

The need for this relocation has prompted the development of a new site for the market which has already been completely with all the basics amenities an open market needs for operation which includes enough parking space to accommodate vehicular movement in the market, toilet facilities, an abattoir and stalls.

The positive of the relocation of Nkwo Umunze to the new site is two pronged for Anambra State Government as it will increase the IGR of the Market to above 2 million Naira on a daily basis and increase economic activities and development in that aspect of the state and at the same time take away the danger of loss of life and properties which the old market now smells of

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