Is Jungle Justice The New Way of Treating Criminals???

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Over the last couple of months the rise in crime rate in Anambra State has become worrisome that people never leave in fear of their lives, armed robbery news gradually grew into a norm which is coupled with deaths which come with it, The people yarned for security agents to rise to the occasion and rescue the people from this cancer that is gradually eating deep into the security fabric of the state.

Today at Adazi in Anaocha Local Government an armed robber was apprehended by the villagers, rather than handing them over to the law enforcement agents the people took laws into their hands and set the armed robber ablaze.

Awka the state capital is not left out of this jungle Justice spree as it has had its fair share of it, over the last one week there have been up to 3 or more cases of jungle justice in the town where most residents agree to this method as being the best to quench the raving cult clashes resulting to killings and armed robbery in the state, the Vigilante Services of the town has resorted to the defunct bakassi method of setting ablaze the said individuals who are set to be guilty of armed robbery or cult killings, videos of these activities have been flying all over the social media from some individuals who witnessed this barbaric activity.

Onitsha is not left out as it is where the use of jungle justice to determine the fate of apprehended criminals in Anambra Started.

We are no longer in the 19th century and the application of jungle justice to treat criminals is a far gone method and world over has left this dark ages method is a thing of the past as there are laws which are laid down to handle matters of this nature and security agencies should rise up and do what the law has established them to do in order for normalcy to return to Anambra.



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