Bakassi Boys Esquire Begins Job As Security in Awka Town

by Admin

The town union of the state capital Awka has employed the Services of Security group which operates like the defunct bakassi boys whom helped in returning normalcy security wise in Anambra State in the early 2000’s.

The presence of this security outfit was announced with a road show throughout the streets of Awka with the popular Announcer in Awka know as “AIZA” accompanying the motorcade which had the members of this security outfit and some members of the Awka Youth.

This road show was followed by messages from the announcer for People to put their movement into check to enable the security outfit do their job effectively, Awka has become of a shadow of itself lately as people especially the youth are killed almost everyday for months now as a result of secret cult clashes, armed robbery and thuggery have been on a high and residents can not freely go about their businesses without the fear of losing their lives.

Residents say that this is not actually the best way to go about security activities but they are left with no choice because this method is like the only way to restore peace and sanity in the state capital.

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