Increase in Price of Petrol Hits Anambra

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Yesterday Residents of Anambra went into panic mode as filling stations were seen to have increased the pump price of Petrol across the state to various prices as against the 165 Naira per liter for which it was normally sold before.

Reports coming from onitsha has it that petrol was sold for as much as #250 per liter and in Awka was sold for as much as #190 naira, some stations in Awka the state capital had already started shutting down in the bid to hoard the products they have and create artificial scarcity.

Our reporters who investigated to find out the reason for this increase spoke with a filling station operator in Aguleri who pleaded anonymity said that this happened as a result of rumors filtering in that there will be an increase in pump price by the government and in the bid to make profit stations have started increasing their pump price but he is still selling at the government specified price and does not plan shutting down to create scarcity.

Certain stations in the major cities of the state who still sell at the government pump price have seen ques building up at their station and this is as seen at MRS filling station by Amawbia bypass Enugu Onitsha Expressway and the filling station located at Y Junction Okpuno.

This event will definitely have ripple effects on price of various commodities in the state as increase in price of Petrol virtually affects the price of every commodity in the market and in turn increase the already existing suffering of people are going through.

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