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House Numbering can be best described as a sequential ascribing of numbers to buildings on a street or a block or road as the case maybe.Prior to now Houses and Building are not sequentially numbered in Anambra as a state,This has very serious disadvantages because it deprives the citizenry of certain public amenities and creates a serious location problem.
According to Anambra State Government there is a government Agency saddled with the responsibility of Numbering Houses in the state in a sequential order,Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency is the Government Agency is the Agency who has the responsibility of carrying out this duty and it recently flagged of a program in that light,This project will see to the Numbering of all buildings in Anambra State.
Anambra Diaries had a chit chat with The Managing Director of the Agency Sir Jude Emecheta and he gave a break down of how this project is going to run and the problems it will solve at the long run.
The Agency stated that the project will cover the Urban Areas of Anambra which the streets are properly named before it spreads to the Rural Areas,He also added that the Agency made this project a public private partnership with a company of repute which is THE GREAT SOURCE LIMITED headed by High Chief Emeka Okonkwo who is also from Anambra State. The Problems this project intends solving include
POOR LOCATION:This will go a long way to solve the problem of locating places easily which encompasses a lot of this like improvement of security network because the issues of locating places in cases of distress call will be solved,Fire Fighters can also locate places if there is an incident,it can help in improving community policing,individuals visiting places in the state whether for the first time or visiting unfamiliar places for those who reside in the state will not have a difficulty locating where they are going to because The properly numbered house will resolve the hiccup created by the previously unsequentially numbered and Unnumbered Areas.
POOR E-COMMERCE: The difficulty of package delivery by online stores and locating of places by taxi hailing companies will be a forgotten story because the House Numbering will make the above mentioned business easier and improve their service delivery and increase the ease of doing business in the state because this project has digital mapping inclusive in it which will make location of places in Anambra available on google map.
The importance of proper House Numbering can not because it is a key factor in urban development because the state will have accurate data to work with and do proper planning.

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