Heavy Protest Hits Onitsha Following the Truck Accident Caused by Vehicle Emblem Task Force

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News Reaching us from Onitsha the Commercial Nerve Center of Anambra has it that Heavy Duty Trucks and Articulated Vehicle Drivers have blocked the major entrances in and out of the city.

According to reports this is in protest to the gory accident which involved a container laden truck and an eighteen seater bus which was caused by the men of the state government task force on vehicle emblem, according to reports this accident took more than 10 lives.

The above video is from the Niger bridge which shows a heavy Traffic jam caused by this protest and this is the same situation in every other major entrance into the city.

The Truck Drivers and other concerned citizens who are protesting are saying they are not will to stop this protest unless the state governor comes to address them and say how the perpetrators of this ugly incident and their cohorts will be brought to book for the countless similar incidents they have caused and how the touts who parade themselves as members of the state taskforce extorting money from People all in the name of payment of taxes levies and daily tolls,this men are now overrunning the city and causing people in the city unnecessary problems


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