Coalition of Igbo Groups Respond to the Genocidal Threat by the North

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The Coalition of Igbo Groups have responded to the Genocidal Threat against the Igbos whom are Resident in the Northern Part of Nigeria which was released via a letter that was addressed to the Leaders of the Northern Nigeria.

This Threat came just after the controversial genocidal statement made by the president of the country that the social media platform TWITTER took down for going against the terms and conditions of the social media platform.

The Igbos have now seen themselves as an endangered specie in Nigeria and the Coalition of Igbo Groups have deemed it necessary to write to the leadership of the Igbo Tribe which cuts cross Government, Traditional and Religious Leadership and the General Public in respect to a mayhem that might be unleashed on time in no time.

This response to Genocidal Threat was contained in a six paged document dated 6th of June 2021 and is demanding that the leadership of the Igbos should use their position to call on the Igbos who leave outside the Igbo land to return back to their various places of origin to avoid another pogrom from happening, that the Federal Government of Nigeria should entirely withdraw the military from alaigbo within 24 hours as we are not at war in this part of the country, this Communique also went further to say that the people of Igbo extraction want to secede from Nigeria, the right of self determination is enshrined Internationally and this is the only solution to the incessant tribal wars, the retrogression being witnessed here and the continuous terrorism which has religious undertone, finally that Political Leaders of Igbo extraction should give these demands full backing as this continuous suffering by the Igbos has to come to an end as posterity will not be kind to them if they fail to act and they will also be held accountable for their inactions and  failure to act accordingly.

We sincerely hope that things will be done accordingly to avoid a repeat of the events that lead to the civil war between 1967 and 1970.

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