Chief Philip Udala and Manager Godsent Eriobu Looses Their lives in Abatete

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Sequel to our story on the assassination which took place in Abatete on the 13th of July 2021, our team found out that the victims of the attack included the Chairman of Udala FC Chief Philip Udala and The Manager of the club Mr Godsent Ebuka Eriobu who also doubles as the Secretary of the Anambra Independent Football League.

This sad even took the life of 5 individuals which included 2 armed Policemen, the driver of the Vehicle, The Manager of Udala FC and The Chairman of Udala FC, The Assailants went Further to set the Vehicle of Chief Philip Udala ablaze with the victims inside the vehicle.

According To Eye witnesses 2 of the Victims The Manager of Udala FC and A Policeman Managed to come out of the burning vehicle but couldn’t live long enough to receive treatment before giving up.

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