Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency Issues Strong Statement on Political Campaigns and Billboards

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The Management of Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency has released an Official Statement on the placement of Political Campaigns and Adverts for the upcoming Gubernatorial Election in Anambra State


This was contained in an official public letter Signed by the Agency’s Managing Director/ CEO Sir Jude Emecheta, this is addressed to all political parties in the state where it clearly stated the due process must be followed by any Governorship Candidate or Political Party to put up political campaigns and amount payable to the agency for such purposes, it also stated areas where political campaigns should not appear in around the state.

In an Interview with the Agency’s CEO Sir Jude Emecheta he categorically stated that any party or candidate who does not follow the Agency’s Guidelines on Political Campaigns will be met with the full weight of the law as all of them have been duly served this notice, he also went further to say that no candidate will have the luxury of bringing up sentiments and state playing unnecessary politics when he doesn’t abide by this guidelines as the above document has been made public

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