ANSAA and AIRS Joint Tax Force Commence Enforcement on Illegal Political Billboards

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Joint Tax Force of Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency ( ANSAA ) and Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) has commenced a clamp down on Illegal Political Billboards around Anambra State.

This enforcement is coming at the back of series of official notification sent out to various political parties contesting for the Gubernatorial Election in the State and their candidate to pay the levies for placing of various political campaigns around the state to the purse of the state government before placing of the Campaigns.

While speaking with the Managing Director of Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency ANSAA Sir Jude Emecheta said that this enforcement does not end in bringing down the billboards that the state government will use all that is within the ambits of the law to recover all the agency fees for Posters, Vehicle Branding and Billboards the Outdoor Advertisement Companies used by the various political parties and their candidates have failed to remit to the coffers of Anambra State.

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