Amichi Police Station Burnt By Unknown Persons

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Amichi police station in Nnewi South local government area of Anambra state, another critical public asset was burnt down in the early hours of Friday, 1st April, 2022 by unknown persons.

This follows the burning of some section of Nnewi South local government headquarters on Thursday, 31st of March, 2022, which prompted a visit by Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo.

During the visit, the Governor had tasked security agencies to curb the incessant and wanton destruction of lives and property in the state.

Ndi Anambra and others are now wondering what has led to the increase in renewed violence and destruction of critical assets in the state. In his inaugural speech almost 2 weeks ago, (17th March, 2022), Governor Soludo had offered an olive branch to members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and Eastern Security Network (ESN), and others who are in the forests to lay down their arms and partner with the government in the interest of the state and Ndi Anambra.

The expectation had been that the swearing -in of Governor Soludo will abate the violence but this hasn’t been the case. The people are now getting worried and agitated over the continued loss of public space to non-state actors.

Chief Emeka Ubah, a Lagos-based businessman calls for caution. “Governor Soludo has appointed a Special Security Adviser, a retired Air Vice Marshal. He has also nominated a Commissioner for Homeland Affairs. Those of us living outside Anambra state are monitoring keenly developments at home. We want the Governor to succeed but our people must fully support him. Killing ourselves and burning down government facilities will scare away Ndi Anambra and even investors from coming to Anambra. I normally spend Easter and Christmas in Anambra with my family, but we won’t be coming home this Easter because of all these security challenges. I hope that something can be done and soon too to restore normalcy and allay the fears of our people”.

Already, some concerned Ndi Anambra have rallied to start a social media campaign to end the escalating violence in the state. A group known as ‘Soludo Apostles’, have launched what the group called ‘End The Siege’ campaign. Only time shall tell if the campaign will be effective, but it’s encouraging as it suggests that the people are tired and are saying, ‘enough is enough’ to wanton destruction of lives and property in Anambra state.

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