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The leadership of the foremost youth based sociopolitical group headlining the Soludo 2021 project held her first strategic planning meeting signposting the commencement of activities for the year 2021.


The meeting, hosted at the Nnobi residence of the group’s Convener, Dr Nelson Omenugha, had in attendance the 21 Local Government Coordinators, 3 Zonal Coordinators, Nnobi Youths, heads of special units and members of the YESS Anambra Think Tank.


Amongst other things, the YESS Anambra group has intensified the call for a Soludo candidacy. In turns, Coordinators presented reports of an overwhelming support base springing up at the Wards and villages for Prof. Cee Cee Soludo. Addressing the house, Dr Nelson Omenugha encouraged leaders to work harder in deepening the Soludo Gospel that is already spreading like wild fire.


The leadership of YESS has approved far reaching programs for the year, chief amongst them being the public presentation of the “Youth SMART Pact with Soludo”. The pact is a developing body of document of youth friendly policies and programs proposed by Anambra youths through a memoranda issued by YESS in the year 2020.


The Youth SMART Pact with Soludo will be a public document to be unveiled later this year.


The meeting ended with a prayer Session and lots to eat and drink.

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