Young Anambra Humanitarian Rescues Young Boy From Hospital After 5 Months of Debt

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A young humanitarian and Filmmaker from Anambra Extraction popularly know as Agbalanze Bube has rescued a young boy and his mother from the hospital where they were being held because of debt they owe the hospital after the young boy underwent a major surgery


In his narration of what happened Agbalanze Bube wrote on his facebook page he said;



₦176,000 bill paid for Daniel who has been impounded for 5months in the four walls of a hospital after a major surgery.




So while at the hospital taking care of Chisom, this 10yr old kid walked up to me and said he knows me from a place around the slum where they live


I’ve noticed the happy kid playing around the hospital premises from the moment we were admitted


Very smart and playful, jovial with all the nurses and literally the most popular person in that hospital.


As I asked him how he got to know me… He said he can’t remember one weird strong name they used to call me there… 😂


My conversation with him attracted the attention of nurses who immediately came and broke the saddest news to me


Little Daniel and his mother has been impounded in this Hospital for the past 5 months after undergoing a major intestine surgery that almost claimed his life according to Doctors.


With the surgery bills running into ₦600,000+ which his poor parents couldn’t afford, there was no option left than for them to depend on the benevolence of good individuals who donate to them from time to time


I have never felt so pained and annoyed with the system like I felt that moment


Imagine a 10yr old living in a hospital with his mother doing menial jobs around the premises just to feed him while being taken away from other siblings at home


I immediately asked for their remaining bill and before the nurses could return with the bill slip totaling ₦176,280.00 Daniel has already mentioned exactly the remaining figures to me…


Like… This kid has been living for the past 5months cramming plus and minus of figures that would earn him his freedom.. 😭


I was still calculating how to finish up Chisom’s bill when this happened but I swore to myself immediately that this boy must leave this hospital with us today today


I’ve never called to cajole my friends into funding our projects but my instincts at that very point in time Directed me to do so and the first person that came to mind was Neptune Chijioke


I called him on video and in our usual way crazily called him “Onye ara 🤣 send money make I release person for hospital”


I showed him the kid, told his story and asked Neptune to send anything small make I call others to do same.


Before I could drop call 200,000 do ‘kpain’ for my account… Neptune say make I no worry anybody.


Chai… I get Men wey know God maka chi!


The joy around the hospital when we returned with the money to clear the bills and reactions from Daniel’s neighbours when we took him home remains one of my lifetime’s most emotional moment.


Nwannem Neptune… Na original odogwu you be.


We keep moving!




The joy written on the faces of the young boy and his mother as they are very thankful for this kind gesture that gave them privilege to reunite with their loved ones.

Special thanks to Agbalanze Bube and Neptune Chijioke who were used as vessels to carry out this humanitarian work.


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