World Red Cross Day Celebration in Anambra

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The Anambra State Chapter of Nigeria Red Cross joined the rest of the world in celebrating the World Red Cross Day for 2021 on Saturday the 8th of May.

This Celebration with the Theme ” STOP THE KILLINGS, STOP THE KIDNAPPINGS, HUMANITY IS UNSTOPPABLE” for Nigeria has its Global Theme as ” UNSTOPPABLE VOLUNTEERS”, this celebration had a week long activities preceding the Main Celebration which happened Yesterday at the State Headquarters which is located just before the Governor’s Lodge Amawbia.

Speaking during the event the state chairman Prof. Peter Katchy centred the talk majorly on why Nigerians should work closely and in volunteer groups to help stop the kidnapping and killing currently ravaging the entire country and almost bringing it to its knees.

During the week long activities the society educated the citizenry on how the red cross works and how to attend to emergency situations whenever one arises, they also went as far as creating awareness of their presence in the state so that the people can easily call on them whenever their Services are needed.



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