Woman Beaten To Death By Husband In Awka Over Loaf Of Bread

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A young woman who is identified as Ogochukwu Anne has reportedly been beaten to death by her husband who is identified as Ndubuisi Uwadiegwu in Awka the Capital of Anambra State.

Narrating what led to this, the eldest son out of the 5 children the couple have who is 14 years said that it was a loaf of bread that led to this unfortunate incident, according to him, his mother asked for money to buy bread from their father so that they could eat but their father the suspect claimed not to have money on him, the woman proceeded to buy the bread from her pocket, only to find out that the man went ahead to eat the entire loaf of bread with out leaving any slice behind, the woman went to enquire why he did so, this infuriated the man and he unleashed terror on his wife and beat her to death.

The suspect went as far as wanting to bury the deceased without informing his in law’s, this caused an outrage and then unraveling what led the death of the woman

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