Will the 2nd Niger Bridge Stop The Traffic Congestion on the The 1st Niger Bridge???

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One of the things road users are looking out for when the 2nd Niger Bridge is completed and opened of for use is the end to the incessant traffic gridlock being experienced currently on the 1st Niger Bridge which usually hits it pick during the festive period.

Pictures of the level of work currently on the 2nd Niger recently emerged with information from the federal government saying the bridge will be completed by April 2022.

Residents in Onitsha do not believe the 2nd Niger Bridge will not bring and end to the traffic gridlock if the root cause of problem which is the road block mounted by security agent which comprises of the military and the police, traffic officers which is the Federal Road Safety Commission officers, and Touts who Masquerade as Revenue Collectors for the state government which they use in extorting money from motorists are taken away, if the replica of the existing road blocks are mounted on the 2nd Niger Bridge a deja Vu of the current traffic gridlock being experienced on the 1st Niger Bridge is what we will see on the 2nd Niger Bridge.

This goes a long way to show that the gridlock being experienced on the bridge is caused by security agents rather than motorists or has to do with the width of the bridge.


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