What is the Development Fee Collected by Urban Towns in Used For Popular Onitsha Twitter Handle Cries Out

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With the cry for self determination being the order of the day in various social media platforms being spare headed by Igbos, There have been an outcry to look within that the solution of the problem of the south eastern part of Nigeria is not outside the region that it lies within.

The #KeepPointingNorth has been trending over the twitter space where individuals are voicing their grievances on what they feel are the major problems we are having in the south east but a particular tweet by a popular onitsha based twitter handle by name  @OgbajiIfeanyi stood out with pictorial evidences of one of our major problems which is the multiple payment of different forms of development levies which are not put to use by the urban towns in Anambra who collect them.

This tweet is seriously asking what these revenue collected are used for or does it end up in the pocket of a few individuals and we are blaming a certain section and tribe of the country for our woes and the sorry state of things in our region

The pictures above clearly shows multiple payments made by individuals before they execute their personal projects or run various business.

If we can’t make our own environment conducive for the running of our day to day activities then why are we pointing North???

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