Unknown Gunmen Attack Joe Igbokwe’s House, Police and DSS Office Nnewi

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Reports from Nnewi has it that Unknown Gunmen has hit the commercial town as the home of APC stalwart Joe Igbokwe, Police and DSS Headquarters.

The police and DSS Headquarters were raised down with various human casualties as at this moment the number of casualties can not be known.

The APC Stalwart Joe Igbokwe put up a post on his social media platform saying that his house Nnewi has been attacked according to his post he said

IPOB invaded my house in Nnewi about now, I am sure they raised down my house giving the jerry cans of Petrol I saw being offloaded from their sienna car via my CCTV, to God be the glory I am still alive, my study is my greatest regret.

By the day the number of violent attacks across the states is increasing and becoming an order of the day.

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